NSW Team

Righto punters I have picked the team I reckon will have a chance of knocking off the canetoads this year.

1. Minichello – Consistant performer in attack and defence, just pips Stewart for the gig

2. Uate – 1st man picked, as Ivan Drago would say he is a little ball of steel. Quality

3. J Morris – Can find the line, the best form centre we have to pick from

4. Lawrence – The best of the rest. Jennings is a lost cause at the moment, even considered Hayne but he has become victom to the struggling parra side

5. B Moz – Try scoring machine

6. Carney – The class we have been missing in the halves

7. Pearce – Cause he went well last year, has been good this season and has played with carney before

8. Gallen – Best forward in the game, plays like a prop anyway

9. Farrah – Cause the rest are shit and Bederus is injured.  Quality player but needs to pick his time to use his skills better, and loose the “its all about me attitude” he has at the tigers where his halves need him to cover for them consistantly.  He can be so much better with a good halves paring.

10. Tamou – Hard working, old school prop, made for it

11. Lewis – As tough as they come and can cover out wide if the need arises

12. Creagh – Can bust the line and hits hard in defence.  As long as there isn’t a fight he will be fine

13. Bird – Don’t like him but he goes alright

14. Hinchcliff – Utility value

15. Woods – One of the form props of the comp to date, no nonsence, get the job done player

16. Watmough – Tough, van have big impact off the bence.  Dunb as dog shit though, need to cut out the silly mistakes and penalities.

17. Hoffman – The type of player every team needs, runs hard, hits hard, just does his job and dees it well

18. T Sims – Unlicky to not get a bench spot but his time will come (probly in this series).


Footy on Channel 9

OK punters I have been a silent participant up till now but I have a few things to get off my chest about Channel 9 and it’s coverage of Rugby League.

Let me start with the commentary team.  We have Rabs, Gus, Joey, Freddy, Lockyer, Hadley, Sterlo, Vossy and Vautin to name a few.  What the fuck are they thinking! If these are the best they can come up with there is something seriously wrong.

Rabs, the voice of the game, is still in a league of his own when it comes to this bunch of dribblers, is unfortunately starting to show his age, going off in his own little world occasionally, usually due to a stupid comment from Gus mind you.  Rabs is the man but might only have a few more seasons in him. Long live a legend

Hadley, why the hell they got him back has me beat.  The words opinionated, dull and old come to mind.  Well done Channel 9, you just helped the game go back a few steps.  Back to radio Ray, or better still retire. 

Gus, well we all know he is the biggest knob to grace the television since its beginning.  Why on earth Channel 9 boss David Gingell would give this self indulgent wanker, who only cares about his own agenda so much air time, god only knows.  I’m sure you’ve all heard him say the same thing on 3 different shows over the corse of a weekend.  Dig a hole Gus.

Freddy, Joey and Lockyer are three of the modern-day greats and when they talk footy us punters should listen, they know their shit.  The lighter moments of commentary, usually supplied by Freddy and Joey is good for a laugh 60% of the time every time, and is a breath of life in amongst the dull boring wrinkly balled old codgers up in the box with their cup of tea.

Sterlo, one of the best brains in the game still and a dead set legend, chimes in with his expert comments on the flow of the game, if only he could get more air time inbetween Gus’ agenda and the pathetic ads for other shit, yanky tv shows they have to advertise during the game, (as if there isn’t enough ads anyway) we would all be a lot better off.

Vautin has had his day, let’s be fair and say he shouldn’t have lasted the 1st season of the footy show, let alone 15 fucking years.

Vossy would be a good game show host I reckon.  He is the Andrew O’Keefe of the Rugby league world, no one like him but he just keeps popping up everywhere.  Next he will have his own morning show.  No Deal Vossy, beat it mate.

Do us all a favor Channel 9 and get in some new blood or don’t even bid for the new rights deal.  Give the game back to the people, at the moment you are turning them away cause they can’t handle the shit these bunch of muppets put up week in week out.

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