Having a Roy Bull


I was recently browsing through a book from the 2000 Olympics and stumbled across a photo of a basketballer with the great name Fucka. It got me thinking are there any other great rude/funny sporting names. After abit of googling i was pleasently suprised….

Well we’ll start with Gregor Fucka- Italian Basketballer… dont like his mother.

There’s the ol’ faithfuls Roy Bull and Ronnie Coote whose names pop up when refering to sexual exploits.

But heres my favourites:-

Dick Trickle- who used to be a NASCAR whizz

Gaylord Silly- Long distance runner from the Seychelles who works as a tree surgeon (true) when hes not jogging. Gaylord loves a thick trunk!

Andreas Wank- German ski jumper who loves shooting off the ramp and thrives in hard and slippery conditions.

Misty Hyman- American Swimmer, Hyman broke through for gold at the 2000 Olympics.

Albert Pujols (pron. Poo-Holes) – Major League Baseballer who punches it right up deep into the stands.

Ron Tugnutt- Former goalie who invented the pinch and roll.

And finally… Stefan Kuntz- Soccer player from Germany who loves sticking it in the back of the net.

If you can think of anymore please share.


Who was the biggest Bozo this year?

Feet-Bix Kid

What a shame to hear that Pat Cumminyapants is out for months with a sore foot.

The new face of Aussie cricket has been hobbling between board meetings recently to ink some lucrative endorsements while hes flavour of the month after a good second innings on Test debut and a couple of performances in the hit n giggle T20. Trouble is son youve got to be playing to keep your rep up. Dont worry about the quick buck, get yourself right, take heads off and ask names later and the rest will take care of itself.

Maybe a spoonful of cement on them Weet-Bix champ?!

Farce Nations

Look i think the shamozzle that is the Four Nations needs to be overhauled or fixed. Lets just fast forward to the final between us and the sheep shaggers, lose in the dying seconds and whinge about the pommy ref after it. And while im at it what benefit is there to the burgeoning internationl league juggernaut by having Wales in the tournament? Rygbi cynghrair cymru that is for all you Welsh sprayers out there. Since beating Serbia 88-8 two years back im tipping its been slim pickings for the Lllewellyn’s recently.

My solution, why not make a Barbarians side made up of the Welsh, French, Kumuls n the island nations? That should keep the scores below Bradmans average and keep the crowds interested. Id surely switch over from the snooker to watch the likes of Lee Briers(Wales) Thomas Bosc(Frogs) Wes Naiqama and rampaging household name Ashton Sims (F1J1) lead out by Kumuls captain Paul Aiton standing behind the posts after the Aussies rack up the 50 point mark.

How can international league be fixed sprayers?

Tiger will claw back

I am cumming into bat for the mad rooter T. Woods. Eldrick may have dicked around recently but recovery from knee surgery and swing changes take time. Somebody with his record doesnt forget how to play and the old shagger is now 35. Floppy Phil, Ernie and Vijay arent exactly building new trophy cabinets either. One point i agree with is his air of invincibility has diminished. No one fears the Tiger anymore but rest assured Woods will be polishing trophies whilst his “trophies” polish his wood in no time.

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