Last Chance?

Tell me again… Why am I a Sharks supporter? I know I’m a bit late to the table with this one but for Christ’s sake, what the f%#@ were  the chumps on the Sharks board thinking by signing an arrogant, overpaid party boy with a reckless disregard for authority and a booze problem. Talk about kicking a legion of supporters while they’re down. Todd Carney’s signing is a hard felt kick in the man crackers to a struggling club with enough problems on its plate. This can only be the work of monkeys.

It is no secret that the Sharks club and brand have been in disarray for some time. This has not been helped over the years by a series of questionable decisions throughout the ranks. The recent decade of poor on field performances leading to three successive coaches failing and subsequently being shafted has not helped the cause. Why does a team already bursting with hookers and halves (including; Albert Kelly, Wade Graham, Jeff Robson, Isaac ‘the goose’ de gois, Paul Aiton and John Morris) need the addition of an ‘alcoholic not-so-anonymous’ to get things moving in the right direction? Smart recruitment is what is needed, not reactionary loosenings of the purse strings for what potentially might be ‘a good buy’. Todd Carney has f#%@ed up at each of his previous clubs so why will it be any different this time.

This leads me to my next point. The old saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”. Well consider it this way. You can lead Todd Carney to Toyota Park. You can surround him with support groups. You can promise him $700 000 for two seasons if he crosses his heart and swears he’ll stay out of trouble. But you’ve got Buckley’s of keeping him away from the drinking hole that is Northies!

Sure, Todd is probably a nice enough bloke. We all enjoy a good bender now and again. He’s obviously got the talent, but how many last chances can one bloke get? Unfortunately for myself and all my down-trodden fellow supporters, the knuckelheads who make the big decisions at Sharks have willingly subjected their fan base to another two years of poor on-field form, infamous news headlines, and never ending taunts from rival clubs. We are the jokes of the competition!

Tell me again… Why am I a Sharks supporter?

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