tomkins in class of slater,

last weekend the pommie press were singing the praises of England’s rugby league fullback, sam Tomkins.Tomkins scored 4 tries against powerhouse a little miffed at the press giving such accolades to Tomkins. one report said Tomkins was in the class of billy Slater. scoring 4 tries against wales, a team that is likely to be beaten by the kumals and france on most meetings, is not the yard stick to measure anyones ability. tomkins doesnt hold a candle to Slater, not now and never will as Slater is approaching the mantle of best fullback of all time.
this got the cogs turning and i sat back pondering who the great fullbacks have been that i have seen in action. i can only go back as far as my memory will take me.this starts in the mid to late 60s. i can even recall the late 70s and eighty’s although there is a distinct blur on that period due to the good old grog.
after giving this plenty of thought its difficult to say just one player was the best custodian in the game. i have come up with my top 5 full backs and the best ive seen comes from my earliest memories.

1– graham Langlands.
this bloke played test matches at fullback, 5/8 and centre.fullback is where he set the pulses racing. he had a side step that got him past 2 defenders at a time without a change of pace. great anticipation in attack and defence. totally reliable and scored many a electrifying try. the best fullback i have seen.
2- Billy Slater
Slater can do everything Langlands did. he is fast closing the gap and he will be known as the best ever by the end of his career.
3– darren Lockyer. just brilliant. if Lockyer had not moved to 5/8 Slater would have been denied the chance to shine and be on the big and swing. Lockyer’s brilliance was evident the time he ran on to the field in first grade. again great anticipation, speed and solid good as they get and the great in a couple of positions ,like Langlands.
4–Gary Belcher
belcher had a side step in the Langlands mould. a brilliant swerve and speed that carried him to the line many times. a very sound defender too.
Gary jack
the best defensive fullback ive seen. when opponents were in full flight striding out with the try line in sight ,jack would be in full sprint running towards them. he cut down there thinking time with his attacking defence and saved many tries. also a strong attacker who would join the line and scored his share of tries.

i have 5 notable mentions who just missed out .
Clive Churchill, i never saw Churchill play so can only go on legend ,short film clips and stats.
graham eadie…in the same mould as jack. the wombat was a fierce defender and he possessed the ability to run straight over the top of blokes.
Pugh Abert..the french fullback from the 60s. again he gets the mention through legend status. Its worthwhile you young blokes google this maestro and have a good read. besides learning about his immense skill you will see a typical french arrogance. Worth a read.
tim brasher–brilliant player, speed, good solid defence could score a try.

well argue all you like. That’s my take .
footnote,, england play australia this weekend and we will get to see how Tomkins handles the relentless pressure and solid defence that awaits him. can on


Movember and equality.

Well Movember is upon us once again and as you all know it represents the fight for mens health, particularly prostate cancer and depression. The grow your mo for a month has become a sport in its own right with competitions and bets happening all over the country to see who can cultivate the hairy upper lip.

During this memorable month we see a variety of mo’s on show. One notable mo that comes to mind is the ‘out of work porn star’ look that has been proudly adorned by a big unit currently playing for the cowboys. It’s a given that the sale of razor blades will drop during this period as bloke after bloke strive to get the best mo on show to win that $10 bet or  first prize, a case of beer. One very solid piece of advice though, stay away from the Freddy Mercury style, that is, if you don’t want to pinned in a back lane and slammed in the ring.
In this modern-day of equality, Movember excludes our female population and that’s just not fair (I mean we can’t ask women to grow a mo, the Greek and Lebanese chicks would smash it). So I’ve given this some thought and old Brown dog reckons the best way to involve our fairer sex is to give them a month of their own. Well sprayers, that month, logically, is Fanuary. That’s right, Fanuary. The month when women get to cut and style the old map of Tassie for our viewing pleasure. Imagine being out all night, downed a dozen schooners, eaten a kebab and then be confronted with a Charlie Chaplin, Tom Selleck, Clark Gable or general Custard. ooops, I mean Custer.

So, let’s get the word out there. Can we possibly get feed back ? A growing number of participants ? Possibly sponsorship from Schick or Wilkenson Sword? It stands to reason that after a lean Movember for these company’s sales will skyrocket in the glorious month of Fanuary. So let’s get cracking sprayers, do ya best.——–can on.

Old Brown dogs take.

Great to see a site where the better than average armchair critic can cut loose and let the educated sporting public of the world know what is on my mind. The rugby world cup is a true world showpiece in sport. If the IRB want this to remain a show piece , changes have to be made. First, tweak the rules a little to create more open running football. We want to see end to end ball movement. Some tries would be good as well. The points allocated fir penalty goals and field goals has to be revised. I’m over seeing teams win on penalties and usually this occurs due to the pandantic whistle blower. You didn’t roll away he says as he blows his whistle and awards a penalty. Wtf. Please tell me who can roll away with 500 kilo laying on them. Common sense please. Now I’ve work up a suitable sweat, can on.

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