News for sprayers

Sprayers, this page will be updated when required as a way of communicating any changes or ideas to make the spray better.

New post – 24/11/11 – Just to let everyone know that anyone can comment on any spray! They do not have to be registered with wordpress to be able to comment.

News post – 7/11/11 -If you own an I phone, download the wordpress app (the free one). It makes the blog easy to access from your phone. After u down load it enter your username and password and select the blog your apart of. Posting, reading and commenting are very easy from this app.

News post 4/11/11 – To assist with your ideas and contribution to the spray, take notice of the following ways you can frame or contribute your piece:

  • The Big Spray – This is an opinion piece about something that’s really caught your eye in need of removing from your chest. This is more of a big rant. Think of Mr Eldridge’s Expel Dell piece.
  • A ranking spray – This is piece which will usually involve you ranking something in some sort of order. Think of Australia’s top 5 cricketers to wear the Baggy green.
  • Spray a question – This is the opportunity for you sprayers to ask for other people’s opinion on a subject that’s close to your heart. Think of those times when your down at the pub and someone asks a question like “Do think Manly can go back to back this year”? or “Is it time for Ricky Ponting to retire”? These are the types of questions that generate chat and everyone has something to say about. If the “Big Spray” is not your forte`, then this could be it. The best way to generate chat is to also comment on other sprayers’ comments; remember, there are no boundaries here at the spray so if you don’t agree, let them know it. (When posting a comment, tick the email me follow up comments to recieve notification when someone has sprayed you back.)
  • There is also a star rating system which appears at the bottom a spray. If you wish to rate the piece, simply click on the number of stars you think it is worth.
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