NSW Team

Righto punters I have picked the team I reckon will have a chance of knocking off the canetoads this year.

1. Minichello – Consistant performer in attack and defence, just pips Stewart for the gig

2. Uate – 1st man picked, as Ivan Drago would say he is a little ball of steel. Quality

3. J Morris – Can find the line, the best form centre we have to pick from

4. Lawrence – The best of the rest. Jennings is a lost cause at the moment, even considered Hayne but he has become victom to the struggling parra side

5. B Moz – Try scoring machine

6. Carney – The class we have been missing in the halves

7. Pearce – Cause he went well last year, has been good this season and has played with carney before

8. Gallen – Best forward in the game, plays like a prop anyway

9. Farrah – Cause the rest are shit and Bederus is injured.  Quality player but needs to pick his time to use his skills better, and loose the “its all about me attitude” he has at the tigers where his halves need him to cover for them consistantly.  He can be so much better with a good halves paring.

10. Tamou – Hard working, old school prop, made for it

11. Lewis – As tough as they come and can cover out wide if the need arises

12. Creagh – Can bust the line and hits hard in defence.  As long as there isn’t a fight he will be fine

13. Bird – Don’t like him but he goes alright

14. Hinchcliff – Utility value

15. Woods – One of the form props of the comp to date, no nonsence, get the job done player

16. Watmough – Tough, van have big impact off the bence.  Dunb as dog shit though, need to cut out the silly mistakes and penalities.

17. Hoffman – The type of player every team needs, runs hard, hits hard, just does his job and dees it well

18. T Sims – Unlicky to not get a bench spot but his time will come (probly in this series).

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  1. Steelballs

     /  May 11, 2012

    Written like a true Roosters supporter. Last time Carney and Pearce were a combination they got the spoon!! I’d b looking at Peter Wallace. And Mini??? No thank you.
    My only other dislike is Wa Wa at hooker.

    • Hey Steelballs, who would you prefer at hooker? You can’t honestly say you would choose that overrated dickhead Ennis. A bloke who has cost us at least 2 origins. And tell me you wouldn’t choose that coffin dodger Bedsy either. That prick has the worst stats for a hooker in the comp! Big fat round zeros in nearly every column that counts. He’s made F%*k all line breaks, 1 off load and no try assists. People have rose tinted glasses on when they talk about that wally.
      And your comment about Carney and Pearce getting the spoon is unfounded. Last time I checked, those two took them to a grand final. It was only after that Carney decided to spend the next 365 days living on a permenant mad Monday bender; he’s now back!

  2. Tom

     /  May 11, 2012

    Would go for Stewart over mini and Glen Stewart is a must second best back rower in the comp after Gallen. Would bring him in for Creagh. Would pick T.Simms, T-rex or Merrin for Hoffman

  3. Not bad old chump. However, Stewart has to play instead of Mini. Stewart brings X factor galore! Also I don’t think I would pick Woods yet, give him another year. But christ mate I’m shocked that a Gerringong boy like yourself is leaving Sims out. That kid can hit, run and pass; pretty much can do everything better than Choc full of hot air Watmough.

  4. The Senior

     /  May 12, 2012

    Seems a reasonable team.Agree with Josh. Morris,but the other centre could be pulled out of a hat.
    Is Sticky playing with his dickie suggesting out of form players like Hayne & Jennings?
    I could not go past Stewart for full back,and I am not sure about the halves.
    Pearce has appeared overawed when previously given the job,and although seems certain to retain his spot,there is still a query about his game when it really counts.
    It is to be hoped that Carney can live up to the hype.
    Not a bad pack,although there could be different selections in the back row and bench players.


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