Daly off the Rails

John Daly’s playing future lay in tatters after golf’s ‘Wild Thing’ enraged officials with a mid-round brain snap walk-off at the Australian Open today.

Daly was immediately banned from this month’s PGA Championship at Coolum and has almost certainly hit his last competitive ball in Australia following his extraordinary meltdown at The Lakes.

The two-time major champion hacked seven balls into the water on the 11th hole and was heading for an inconceivable 18, at least, on the par-5 before calling it quits and retreating to his Sydney hotel in a tournament courtesy car with his son.

Daly was already seven over par after taking a two-stroke penalty on the 10th for hitting the wrong ball out of a green side bunker who knows  what he was  thinking.

It was the second time in three years Daly had embarrassed Open officials after the former US PGA and British Open winner smashed a spectator’s camera during the first round at Royal Sydney in 2008.

We all know how crazy John Daly is but will this be the end for his career?


Is Ian Thorpe washed up

Aussie Ian Thorpe bombed out in the 100m butterfly heats at the World Cup meet in Beijing.

The ego may be bruised but Ian Thorpe reckons his comeback is still looking good despite missing yet another final at the World Cup short course meet in Beijing.

Thorpe’s underwhelming return continued when he managed only the 13th fastest time (54.35sec) in the 100m butterfly heats on Wednesday – more than two seconds behind top qualifier Kosuke Hagino of Japan.

It came barely 24 hours after ‘Thorpedo’ bombed in his specialty event – the 100m freestyle – by finishing 15th in the heats and also missed the 100m individual medley final.

Ian Thrope now being 29 years of age leads me to ask the question is Ian Thrope washed up and will he ever be good enough to win gold medals again ?

Adam Scott’s Caddy Steve Williams

As you have seen in sports news today Adam Scott is going to stick by his caddy Steve Williams after he had a bit too much to say about Tiger Woods at the caddie awards dinner in Shanghai. Comments made by Steve Williams were “It was my aim to shove it up that black a … hole,” referring to his former boss Tiger Woods. I believe no matter how many people Tiger Woods has let down in the sporting world comments like this are not called for .

Adam Scott has said he will stick by Steve Williams and he will remain his caddy. Has Adam Scott done the right thing?

I believe not, as the comments made are racist and should hold a penalty as what was said didn’t need to be said.

Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers ever and may have done the wrong thing, but he didn’t deserve to be commented about that way by Steve Williams, espessially considering he was Tiger Woods’ caddy for the majority of Tiger’s career.

Just to wrap it up,  I was never a fan of  Steve Williams and if he can make comments like this he does not deserve to be on the tour.

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