A Big Ben in the London Eye… Look at this “Missile”‏



The Dingo is excited!

My own “Big Ben” currently stands as proud as a honeymooners appendage after what’s been spotted through my “London Eye” being cast over the Olympics!

Now I’m not talking about our athletes bringing home more silver than Busking homeless prick…..

I’m talking about the royal crumpet on display at the Olympics!

Don’t worry about the whohar about who was going to carry the Aussie Flag at the opening ceremony….

I’ve had a continual 8 Day Flag pole in my pants that would carried the southern cross no worries at all.

Get a look at the sample of what has been making my flag fly….

Antonija Misura…  Never heard of her? Don’t worry about hearing about her… Just get a look at her!!!!!!

Let’s just say I’d be happy to Cro ate her!!!! She certainly could play with my Bballs!!!


Marta Zderic…. Another Croatian…. Who’s speciality is Handball…. Enough said!!!!!

Naomi Flood… Im already wet just writing this

Rachel Yurkovich- she makes the Russian men jerk of a bit

Sophie Polkamp…. Yeap another “pol” expert

Casey Eastham… Again the Flags are pointing in a northly direction!!!

Yelena Isinbayeva- Pole Vaulter… However would need to hit some kind of record to get over this “bar” setting!!

Elisa Di Francisca- fencer… So has experience with Swords!!!

Di Francisca

And they reckon a few pills or nasal spray will help any bloke having Flag pole issues….

The Dingo says just sit down to the London….
It’s certainly giving us its best performance!!!

Happy viewing!!!

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