Stuff That’s Caught My Eye.

Well, with the last of the semester’s workload finally been shovelled, I’m ready to uncork the brew which has been festering inside my bottle of opinionated sport’s diatribe.

State of origin: I still think the Blues can win this series. A slight tweak of the bench options and a better rotation of the forwards should be just enough to wipe the smug smile from big Mal’s face for the first time in 6 years. I mean, let’s not forget, NSW almost got the job done minus Todd Carney. I doubt the Cronulla 5/8 could turn in a performance like his first origin outing even if the night before game 2 included a bender and 6 hookers. So if Carney can turn up, and Sticky can add Watmough and Woods or Galloway to the squad, then NSW should be sipping from the winner’s chalice for the first time in 7 years.

And if we do win, how satasfying would it be to have won without the assistance of Kurt Gidley. Gids, might be a good bloke and a great player at club level, but this chap has to one of the most overrated Origin players in history. His absence will, in time, be viewed as a blessing in disguise for Sticky, especially if we win the series.  The whole obsession with having a utility in the team gives me the shits. QLD do it year in year out without one, and NSW pick blokes like Bird, Lewis and Hayne who could play a number of roles anyway. Sticky, take Gid’s injury as blessing for God’s sakes.

The shield could return this year.

Newcastle: Well, what can we say about Newcastle? Let’s start by taking a look at 3 of the club’s more shinning apples to understand why Newcastle is sitting like fly ridden peach towards the bottom of the NRL fruit bowl.

The hooker: Bederus has been receiving accolades this season for no other reason than his ability to turn up on game day in any other form than in an obituary notice. I mean, if people actually took off their rose-tinted glasses and their nostalgic top hats, then they’d see that Bedsy is barely doing the job for Newcastle.  He’s slow, has no attacking penetration and is well behind other rakes in the competition in terms of ruck creativity. But a bloke of his age must be good at something though? Maybe his skills lie in scone making, knitting or recounting WW II stories to school children. Whatever his skill is, it ain’t footy at the moment, which has prompted Wayne Bennett to shop around for another hooker to start next season.

Hey boys, any chance of making the 8 this year?

Kade Snowden: Kade should be thankful that Darius Boyd has proved to be a bigger dud and a bigger disappointment this year than he is. Every time I see Snowden play, I see dropped balls, soft running and laziness. He certainly did Cronulla a favour.

Darius Boyd: Time for Daddy to give his favourite son a big smack for sulking like a spoilt child for what has now been nearly 1 and half seasons in length. He is another bloke who has lost all sense of what it means to attack. Check this stat; Boyd has made 1 line break in 885min of football…….. And he is a fullback!

Mark Webber: Mark finally broke through this year for a win in Monaco. In a year I thought even a podium finish was looking doubtful, Mark performed well at the prized race, leaving his team mate Vettle for dead. However, Webber also knows that a Go-Cart could win at the prestigious track if it has its nose in front going round the first corner. To say that this season will be tighter than a Jewish sphincter, would be an understatement.

Grant Hackett: Mr Hackett… Mr Nice Guy….. Mr Goody Two-shoes. NOT ANYMORE! And thank God that this clown was shown to be the phony we all knew he was. He can now take his rightful place alongside other sporting nuff nuffs like Robert Lui, Mike Tyson and Greg Bird. How he still has a job is beyond me. If anyone saw the destruction that the former swimming angel left in his apartment, than it’s easy to see that this was more than a simple snap of temper. In fact, the pictures demonstrate a sustained and long rage in which, the former 1500m champion should find himself utterly ashamed. Matt Johns was stood down for less.

If your not f#%king careful girly, your teeth will be replacing the missing keys in my piano!



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  1. The Senior

     /  May 31, 2012

    Now I know you are back. Your hatred of Buderis and your adulation of all things Wests Tigers is shining through.

    You must have had a blank out to suggest that penalty prone wanker Watmough be given another crack at Origin.

    Agree with your Newcastle comments.


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