Fiscal funnies shield Cartwright and Prince

Give me my ‘low human’ ribbon forthwith. I’m laying the slipper into the Gold Coast Titans for the second time inside a week.

But what is a man to do when the juiciest fruit remains suspended so tantalisingly low?

I identified Sunday’s game against the Bulldogs as a luminous opportunity to produce their own version of a footy ‘page-turner’.

I crystal-balled a rousing performance manufactured from a galvanised inner sanctum; a response to the heat from the haters that would be the first step in their redemption of 2012.

My notion was further fuelled by the upset-hampered tipster’s battlefield that preceded the match in this round.

By 2pm, the feelgood factors were stacking up to the point where I was apologising to Dogs fans in advance.

Southeast Queensland came to the party by turning on a cracking day of sunshine, making positive footy at it’s most achieveable, and Titan top brass Scott Prince was a massive late inclusion to boost the look of the host’s lineup.

Michael Ennis trying to eat Scott Prince's head.

Add to this the fact that Des Hasler’s men were coming off a bruising loss and were without chief playmaker Trent Hodgkinson, and it looked like moons were aligning over the golden sand at Surfers Paradise.

And after an early 10-0 lead, I thought my predictions were on target to materialise.

But what do you know? The Titan rebirth caramelised under the Queensland sun and they were eventually sautéed, like many other attempts made this season.

Don’t get me wrong; they were brave. But it was a familiar ‘normal business resumed’ vibe, albeit on the back of some Ben Barba brilliance for the Dogs, and the much-needed plug to temporarily stem the stream of negativity was not forthcoming for the Gold Coast.

They were gallant, plucky, tenacious and all of those other words you see on a participant’s medal; but as we all know, courageous endeavour alone is rarely transferable for competition points.

So despite the painstaking and perseverant application of their men, one suspect query continues to rack my skull; if Michael Searle wasn’t hogging the spotlight by telling smelly fiscal funnies from his messy books, would more questions be asked of John Cartwright and Scott Prince by now? 

Asking for Cartwright to sit in the dock is like putting the crosshairs on Bambi. But even a cute Disney animal would be triggered if they weren’t able to direct a team like his to at least break even in the W/L column.

Cartwright: sweatin' like Bambi.

As for Prince, he’s peaked in 2005 and 2010 but hasn’t been able to fish his side out of troubled waters when times have been murky. Does that mean Titans fans with a penchant for a maths pattern can be urged to show patience in sight of another vintage return in 2015?

Perhaps he needs to play with the urgency of a man who needs to make his next mortgage repayment, which might not be far off if the joint implodes and he has to give his free house back to Searle.

1 win from 5 with one of the competition’s more star-spangled playing lists should have the wolves at least politely knocking on the door and asking to speak with the boss by now.

Perhaps in a macabre way, Cartwright and Prince secretly enjoy the acute scrutiny that Michael Searle and his BAS statements are currently under.

It’s providing a pleasant diversion from the bedridden performances the team has been producing this season.

What’s more, a prudent approach to cash management by Searle brought on by the club’s circumstances means that a contract payout should be nowhere on the horizon for either of his head hombres.

At least his misfiring calculator is helping someone out in some way.

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  1. Star-spangled rosters? Come on E-man. Sure they have good forwards, but their spine is the closest an NRL team has to a spina-bifida case! Prince is looking anything but, their five-eighth is green, William I got a 5 year contract Zillman and who’s the hooker? There’re going no where. And what about that goose they signed to fill one of the centres’ positions, Idris? Some Half-backs aren’t getting what he’s getting. A complete waste of coin – a true example of the Searle calculator in action.

    • Mr Eldridge 2.0

       /  April 3, 2012

      Spina bifida. One of your best!

      Good point on their key positions, but a premiership winning half like Prince should be able to run the show competently with a budget 5/8. At least that’s what his wage would indicate.

      But outside of the spine, what about the big names they’ve picked up over the years? I see alot of expensive rep names there!

      Idris, Bird, Bailey, Myles, Harrison are decent and with a few classy off-cuts like Champion, Douglas, Minichiello and Zillman, he’s hardly working with the special needs class!

      • Your not wrong and i agree with your view on some of their stock. I was only looking at their side with your little mate Walters the other day. Both of us agree that their forwards are good, but they lost a couple of crucial nuts in their meccano set in the last 2 seasons. A – being Nathan Friend B – being Matt the tat Rogers, and C- being Prezo. Scott Prince can’t do it all himself, particularly – as you put it – he peaked a couple of years ago. He’s now on operation “preserve body”, rather than mission “NRL trophy”. The losing of Nathan Friend is, in my pinion, the most cruical piece of the puzzle which has gone missing. At his peak, I put him in the top 4 or 5 hookers playing the game. His D was good and his nouse around the ruck is something that he bought to the team and has since taken with him. The reason the Titans did so well up until last year was because they had one of the more eviable spines in the league. Prezo, Rogers, Prince and Friend at their best? By christ, most people wouldn’t be whinging about that.

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