Not happy Tim!

See ya Sheensy....Ya Prick!

Round 1 came along and I noticed one notable omission from the Tigers starting squad, Mitch Brown. I assure you he is no relation, but as an avid Tigers man I was befuddled to see his name not in the starting team. The guy is a useful utility capable of playing any back position; and he’s young.

So, please, tell me WTF has Sheensy been sorting? Instead of the reliable Brown, Sheensy, Chose that ridiculous garden stump Matt Utai! A goober who would be flat-out to see over the steering wheel of a car un-aided and who considers a step up to the urinal a task in high jump! What was he thinking! You can only not choose a bloke for so long before they get Jack of it and thus search for greener pastures. Sheensy and Co pushed him aside for too long.

Stay still ya F*/k-head, I need a boost!

With young whipper snapper James Tedesco having succumb to the Leichhardt sniper on Sunday, Brown, would have been the obvious replacement. This bought considerable comfort to many a Tiger supporter. Having someone like Brown sitting in the spares’ yard instantly took away any worry which Tedesco’s injury may have bought to our beloved team’s potency.

So, imagine how we all felt when we pick up the paper on Tuesday to find Brown had signed with that God awful mob from Bellmore. Guttered I tell you, Guttered! So now Sheens is left with 3 blokes almost at their use by dates in, Reddy, Utai and Tuqiri, and a green dick in Humble pie to fill the number 1 gernsey.

Utai should have been in NSW cup from the start. He’s useless under the high ball, a liability in defence and has the head of a busted bessa block.

Thanks Sheens, thanks!

Browny's gone?...Ooohh F*/k!

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  1. Mr Eldridge 2.0

     /  March 8, 2012

    Seriously mate, I saw Utai play one game last year where he ticked every box in the fuckup textbook. Don’t get me wrong, he was a rampaging finisher in his day! But after what I saw, I was amazed that a coach like Sheens- who loves to cover the one-percenters- managed to allow a mistake riddled highball-target like Matty back into the setup.

    It reminds me of when the Chooks were comp heavyweights and they allowed Chris Walker to wear the colours.

    • You are spot on boy. The Senior is complete agreement too. He went out of his to send me an email just to register his disgust in Utai’s selection and Brown’s omission. I can’t see where Sheen’s logic is? Utai is the worst under a high ball I think I have ever seen! And the way Gasnier showed him up in that crucial semi last year should have been the final nail in that box head’s coffin.

    • Chris Walker……there’s one useless footballer.

  2. The armchair critic like all above was flabbergasted when I read that. Does this mean the Tiges are over the cap so they had to release him? There are questions being asked by Messrs Schubert about Tim Moltzen’s backflip to sign with the tigers. Please can we not mention Chris Walker & footballer in the same sentence on this site ever again. It is degrading to the under 7’s who run around every weekend!!!
    How the fuck did he play State of Origin?

  3. The Senior

     /  March 8, 2012

    I am in shock! I had no idea that Mitch. had signed with that crappy bulldog breed.

    Perhaps Sheens has overstayed his welcome.

    Time to find a new coach.

    I will now have a hot toddy to regenerate the spirit.


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