D/L: WD?



What’s the chances of Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison being exhumed and revived so they can take a geeze at the Duckworth/Lewis system?

We’ve got blokes who have lived the game for eons who willingly concede that they give this perplexing headf*ck on steroids a wide berth at all times.

Aaahhhh.... Good times.

It seems only the planet’s greatest minds would have the required grey matter muscle to whip out the protractor and abacus and get this thing nipped in the bud.

We all understand the concept and intention of Duckworth/Lewis, and to be honest, most of the time it seems to work pretty well. However this maybe due to the fact that noone has the maths diploma to challenge it.

Nevertheless, bar the occasional inquiry from a weirdo with too much time and a calculating device, it trucks on uninhibited.

It’s time in the spotlight of negativity peaked in 1992.

Anything that unreasonably asks a South African team for 22 from the final ball to win a tense semi-final always has my tick of approval, even if merely for comedy value.

But since then, the lads have been getting meticulously funky with their equations as the game has evolved. Thanks to this, everyone has swapped inquisitive probing for indolent trust in the method after realising you would be better off trying to decode a Chinese tax-pack.

Nobody has a spare 7-10 days to sit on their can to try and split the cricket atom every time it smells like there’s a defect in the calculation.

However, on Friday night it had me somewhat puzzled as to how Ducky and Lewballs managed to reduce Australia’s total by 8 runs at the close of their innings.

Duck & Lew: no wonder the formula is shite. That's a soccer ball and a tennis ball.

With the rain delay, the brains trust were able to nut-out a new set of game conditions so the game could be completed, much to the chagrin of Aussie cricket fans who would’ve preferred a tropical monsoon to flush away a forgettable day at the office.

The rain stayed away and the guidelines were followed.

So why did D/L need to double-dip on the state of the game and pilfer another 8 valuable runs from Australia’s already porpoise total?

Shouldn’t the details agreed on at the time of the delay be the final guiding light to the game’s conclusion?

I could understand the madcap tally recipe being called on if rain intervened again. But it stayed away.

It’s got me stuffed.

Please help a cross-eyed brother.


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  1. Sorry son, I’m lost for words. Maybe Duck and Lew can come up with a formula to cure that.

    • Dane

       /  February 22, 2012

      Dammit. I was relying on your super sharp cricket-addled brain to decode this dogs breakfast! I’ll just have to trust the men who are counting the beans…


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