It’s footy time again!

Righto wafflers, it’s that just about that wonderful time of year again. The Start of the NRL footy season!

So let’s get in early, put in your top 8 predictions for the year, don’t worry it doesn’t have to be in order, but put down who you believe will be there at the business end of the season.

For you creative dribblers out  there, feel free to post any elaborations about your choices.

Here are mine:

Melbourne (best spine in the comp)

Tigers (of course I would pick them)

Bulldogs (F#*king Des!)

Cronulla (Comon Carney!)

North Queensland (the wife beater knows how to play outside a genius)

Brisbane (lots of young guns)

Warriors (Can’t leave them out)

Knights (good spine, great coach)

It was tough I know, some real rough ones there. I left out Manly because I don’t think they can have an injury free run like they did last year. Stewart or Evans get injured and ther’re cooked! The chooks, Parra and Canberra will battle it out for with who ever comes 8, but will ultimately be left short. And I’m sorry Dragons fans, but your Bennette hangover will only last until mid season, after which time you will be f#*ked!

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  1. Mr Eldridge 2.0

     /  February 15, 2012

    BIG BROWN: I’m having a shit of a time picking an 8! In true salary cap style, nothing stands out… but I’ll have a crack.

    Manly: ripper halves combo.
    Melbourne: class in key positions.
    Tigers: always good for a prelim final fuckup.
    Knights: buying a finals spot and scared of Wayne.
    Warriors: sleeping giants.
    Souths: fuck it hurts to write that.
    Bulldogs: Des don’t take no shit.
    Cowboys: stay fit JT.

    In NO particular order. And yes, the Roosters will finish 9th after getting shafted in the last 5 rounds by poor referreeing.

  2. Looks A Great Year coming up boys…!! Lets Also Pick a Wooden Spooner & the Daly M Award….
    1. Bulldogs- Des Hasler Factor
    2. Penrith- Ivan Cleary & Gus Gould Influence
    3. West Tigers- Benji to continue his hot form
    4. Melbourne- Smith, Cronk Slater
    5. Nth QLD- JT
    6. Newcastle- Bennet & Boyd & Buderous
    7. Manly- Keep Most Players-How will they go without Des…??
    8. Warriors- Shaun Johnson to have a cracking year

    Wooden Spoon. Parramatta
    Daly M. Paul Gallen

    • Nice one chops.
      I think Benji will get the Daly M
      I rekon the Dragons will get the spoon. They havn’t purchased much and have lost a few. They also have a green coach. If either Hornby or Soward get injured, the fall from grace will be rapid. Watch for the Bennett hangover to be gone by mid season.

    • Dane

       /  February 16, 2012

      I’ll chuck in a Dally M: Kieran Foran.

      Or Shaun Kenny-Dowall. Haha.


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