Equal rights? Give yourselves an uppercut!

A few years back, women’s’ tennis pulled the wool over the world’s eyes and claimed that women were deserved of  the same prize money as the men’s. At the time, the regime thought that, we, the tennis public watchers of the 4 majors only, would agree with the tennis administrators in the knowledge the women’s game is close to the popularity of the men’s and is therefore  just as entitled to the games riches. Well, like an infant we accepted that tosh served up from our tennis superiors and gleefully clapped the female tennis stars who could now stand shoulder to shoulder with their opposite gender under an equal opportunity employer. Don’t make me sick!’

Holding this trophy was harder than my match

Tell me something, can you tell me of an employer who gives one gender the same pay cheque as the other for doing half the work? Well that’s exactly what’s happening in the screech filled world of women’s tennis. Women are collecting the same prize money as the men, yet, they still only play a maximum of 3 sets compared to the men’s 5. That’s right, at the Aussie open Victoria screecharanka and Maria Yellitover played just over an hour and collected the same purse’s as Novac and Rafa after the later 2 played the longest final in history. To put that into numbers, the screech fest that was the women’s final was just 1/6 of the length of the mens. That’s Bullshit!

I say, women should be playing 5 sets – at least at the majors – if they want to be collecting the same dosh, or pay them accordingly. It’s a discrimination issue the fact that we mollycoddle these women claiming they can’t play more than 3. Give me a break!

The women these days are fitter than they’ve ever been. And you can’t tell me you would’nt want to see a couple of the broads currently slapping the yellow furies to be on court for longer. Who would say they’ve had enough of  watching Anna Ivanivich bound around the court? Please.

So boys, make some noise and shake some trees, this ain’t on. If they want to collect a man’s pay, play the man’s way!

I need a stretcher and a drip; I'm fucked!

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  1. Dane

     /  February 2, 2012

    Yes! A controversial piece from Brown! That should stoke up the female interest in the blog!

    • Ha, but I won’t hold my breath.The piece is probably too long, you know being a man’s size and all, the women will stop reading half way through

      • Dane

         /  February 2, 2012

        Again, you’ve covered yourself in glory old son!

  2. If I wanted to hear Maria schreech like that it wouldn’t be on a tennis court!
    Top marks Mr Brown spot on.


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