Support from the Colonel is a sure recipie for the back door

What are you doing next summer boys?

Alright wafflers I’m sure you have been enjoying a giggle or two when ever the cricket takes a break and cuts to a KFC commercial. You know the ones I’m talking about, starring some of Aussie cricket’s most recent discards; Smith, White, D. Hussey and Johnson. You’d have to agree with me, to think that all 4 would be on the outer by mid summer with Johnson and White in particular having as much prospect of returning as a follow-up phone call after a one night stand is something that not even Nostradamus could have predicted.

 And you’d have to feel hard done by if you were on the Colonel’s side of the desk, choosing 4 players seemingly entrenched in at least one of the national sides, in particular the T20 side, would seem a sure bet, right? But maybe KFC’s new sandwich was concocted under a ladder and a black cat was one of the 11 secret herbs and spices, that may go someway to explaining how much bad luck these 4 boys have had since making the commercial. However, one sponsor’s misfortune could be another’s gain. This may be a opprtunity for  a more appropriate sponsor to seize upon the current situation presented by the boys’ hard luck and use this not so fab four for one of its commercials, the Reject Shop or The  Seconds Factory Outlet do come to mind.

And while we are on sponsors lacking foresight, which egg head from Vodafone chose Doug the Rugg for their Ad? Using Johnson I can understand, he was entrenched, but the Rugg? He had definitely played his final test last year. Ruggie’s manager really pulled the wool over Vodafone’s eyes with that swifty, the wally was probably hoping for a viewers verdict moment in the hope of bringing the Rugg back!

Watch out Hads, your next on the Colonel's list

Though, looking to next summer, you’d have to be nuts if you were a prospective sponsor considering  to slot Haddin into one of your Ads, and you definitely wouldn’t be chasing Phil Hughes for a front line spot on the box either. Then again, on current form,  Haddin, should run a thousand miles in the opposite direction if KFC come a’ knocking looking for a safe set of hands to promote whatever new grease box they bring out, just look at what happened to the last lot who promoted something new.

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  1. Travis McMahon

     /  January 30, 2012

    All C.U.N.T.S (Cricket Union of Non Test Selection) functions will be catered for by the Colonel. The dish everyone anticipates is the Fired Wings, one spice each from the 11 discards and deep fried in dissapointment.

  2. Dane

     /  January 30, 2012

    You’ve nailed the tits off that Brownster! That ad is as poisoned as Colonel’s potato and gravy, in fact, they should just treat it as a hall of fame for fallen comrades in future! This years version is a war-zone!

    And why the fuck do you need a snicko when you are eating one of their burgers? Does Mitch need to be reminded of what an edge sounds like?

    • In keeping with the theme of using rejects, KFC should have used the now defunct ball tracker gimmic as part of their promo. That would have given the commercial a hatrick in using useless rejects: 1, the now dumped players; 2, the no longer used ball tracker tech; and 3, greasy unapealling KFC.

  3. Mr Eldridge 2.0

     /  January 30, 2012

    They could put James Brayshaw and Mark Nicholas in there also.

    Brayshaw is as useless as the single one-ply napkin they give you with a 25 piece feed, and Nicholas seems to exert the same amount of moisture when he commentates as those classic towelettes.

  4. surely Shaun Marash will get a run as he can’t get them anywhere else!


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