India: Rogan Tosh


That's it boys, laugh it up.

Punters, wafflers and shit dribblers.

I’m not happy gents, not happy at all!

The supposed second best test team in the world came to our shores with their best hope of winning in oz, or at the very least provide a real tussle for test cricket glory. But nnnooooo! The turban wipers have arrived and put on their customary feeble displays with both the leather and the willow.

It’s so typical of these bastards to have performed the way they have so far, they have shown no dedication to task, no signs of improvement on Australian pitches, no team cohesion and no spine!

 But then again, should we expect anything more or even be surprised at the quality of vindaloo which has been put on the pitch?

I say not.

Tell me dribblers, when was the last time you heard the terms hard working, quality administration or cohesion mentioned in the same breath as a sub-continental nation. That’s right, probably NEVER! I mean, if you’re looking for quality, strict administration to help build or guide a sporting code the land of the taj mahal is the last place you would go right? The commonwealth games showed everyone that. So the fact that this Indian side rocked up ill prepared, and from all reports, have been atrociously lazy at training should be as surprising as a seeing a floating turd in the Gangies.

 For these overpaid wankers, training is a netty followed by a walk to the butter chicken stand; and judging by VVS’s bulging waist line some have been really putting in.

The pathetic evidence of grit displayed in the tests, inspired by a centerlink recipient’s work ethic reeks of arrogance buttered in a deep green back sauce.

If these blokes wanted any credibility they would have been here early getting used to conditions, planned well and put the riches of the IPL in the back of the turban. Instead, what we have seen is an administration and a nation preoccupied with the shorter forms of the game and who are happy to see test cricket being splattered all over the porcelain. Bastards!

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  1. Dane

     /  January 22, 2012

    They’ve never specialised in ripping in to the ‘one percenters’ such as fielding, running between the wickets, fitness etc, which I think is symbolic of an overall poor work ethic and attention to detail. It’s an odd credit to them that the exceptional talents they produce can cover for these shortcomings when they are on top. But as soon as they begin to wilt, it snowballs and these kinda things look incredibly bad!

  2. The Senior.

     /  January 22, 2012

    Mr.Brown,the last time any team performed as well as these turbaned twits was the Australian cricket team. if memory serves correctly,our previous two attempts to obtain the “Ashes”were abysmal.

    • Dane

       /  January 22, 2012

      Senior gold!

    • At lest we were beaten by a better side. These clowns had the batting to beat anyone! It’s a dead set shameful display by the currys with the talent they possess.


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