Brad’s verbal runs

Brad Haddin has made himself a magnet for the crosshairs with a few peppery statements on the wireless yesterday.

He has labelled India as ‘fragile’ and also said they ‘break quicker than anyone in the world.’

Concealed within a healthy series lead, these kinds of verbal barbs are usually employed as a luxury. When you are schooling a team on the park, it’s only natural to also try to slide them into the psychological oven of torment.

Haddin: needs a plug.

In saying this, I can’t help but think there’s at least 9 other blokes in the squad who I would’ve rather question India’s condition at this point in time. I’m not sure Haddin has earned the chance to declare these kinds of coarse statements after a forgettable series to date, whether or not they be true.

But we all know that Brad has always been an abrasive character- most wicketkeepers are- so I’m genuinely not shocked to hear him broadcasting a few of the more unflattering views on India from the inner sanctum.

What I do take umbrage with though is spewing out the details of our blueprint for keeping Sachin on the quiet.

“What we have found is if we can build enough pressure on him he wants to score and he wants to feel bat on ball and he wants to get into a rhythm,” Haddin said. ”We find if we can push him a little wider, make him feel for the ball a bit we can build enough pressure to get a chance and it’s worked in the last two Tests.”

So dropping dollies and frittering away your wicket isn’t enough of a contribution so far for Haddin?

Why not just give Sachin some headphones with a direct feed from a microphone on Pup?

Tendulkar has easily been India’s brightest light in this series, carrying the burden of the search for his 100th international century in his stride to still pump out his customary quality. He averages 56.5 so far this summer.  

And we don’t need to be reminded that he has habitually toyed with Australian bowling in the past. Does our strategy towards him need to be exposed so carelessly?

This is one time when I would’ve much preferred a bland media-trained reply to a question.

Or for Brad to be somewhere other than yapping on the radio, preferably the nets.

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  1. Is that true son? What an idiot! Your absolutly right, Hads is the last bloke in side to be throwing mud, he’s easily been the worst performer in the series so far.
    Hads, put a glove in it!

    • Dane

       /  January 10, 2012

      Yeah mate, he let a few off in a radio interview yesterday. If we were 3-0 up and he could catch then I wouldn’t give a shit!

  2. Apparently the curry munchers think so as well Danos. The tearaway curry munching terrifying fast bowler that Zaheer is said that the spicy boys think Haddin is fragile as well so he shouldn’t be commenting on them. Memo to Zaheer he may have dropped a few but his side has won 2 from 2 & considering the next test on a ground you have never won on, just hand over the trophy now!


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