Carney Swimming with Sharks

So its official, Todd Carney is now a Sharkie!! Welcome to the shire Toddy, hopefully you won’t get kicked out of it like you got kicked out of the township of Goulburn. Will this end bad for the Sharkies? I think it will. I’m sorry but the kid has such a serious problem with alcohol and the sooner the better he, the NRL and all the guys on the footy show can admitt this the sooner he can get some professional help and get on with his footy career. The heart breaking thing is he is such an unpredictable and natural talent with great skills to be one of the best but the drink prevents this from ever happening. I hope it works out for the best but I just can see heart break for Todd as a person, heart break for his family, heart break for David Gallop and the NRL and especially heart breat for the Shire and their loyal fans. With Alcohol and Betting being the two major sponsors for the sport, its not hard to see now one can get caught up with the two passtimes associated with the NRL just like a Todd Carney. As a Rooster supporter I was glad to see the back of Carney when he was in trouble but warmly welcomed and prasied him when he was playing fantastic footy and we were winning. Alcoholics have to realise they can not just have one or two drinks with the boys after a game as their lack self control and let their addiction brain take over. They can not drink at ALL. This is an impossible predicament for Todd, with the today’s NRL/Sport culture. The Raiders tried and failed, as the Roosters and will the Sharks be another casaulty of the Todd Carney Train wrecking machine. Whatever happens its sure to sell papers and keep a few jounralists in a job for the time being.

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  1. The Carney merrigo-round has continued. I actually think he might go alright at this club. If the goobers at Cronulla have their heads screwed on they won’t put too many restrictions on him. Less restrictions = less rules to break = less f*#k ups. I hope the Sharkies can win a title won of these years.


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