Rules killing the Game

The rules of rugby are killing the future and enjoyment of the game. They call the game of rugby, the game they play in heaven. God only know if Jesus’ plays the game and how well the Jersuselum XVI would go in the super 15, I don’t think real well!!!!
With the rule book the size of an entire national library, there’s no wonder that anyone knows what the penalty is for. Sometimes even the ref ponders to himself why he blew the whistle himself unless he likes the sound of his own whistle and was bullied at school and is now taking authority from his position. Frustration is experienced also by the commentators, the extreme fans in the crowd and the dad’s watching the rugby from their lounge rooms who all of a sudden become professional rugby experts and teach their sons how to “really play”. There are just way too many rules which spoils what could be exciting flowing and fast running rugby. People prefer to watch any footy code that is exciting with points usually tries. I play the game and often wonder how you can train a team to be perfect in every facuets of the rule book. I feel it is impossible. It’s like a business conforming with every OH&S law without going bankrupt.

Another point I’d like to make is that I personally feel rugby league kicks are far better than rugby union kickers. With the points being more in rah rah, one would feel that the kickers ability should be the other way around, leaving their NRL counterparts. Time and time again I watch the likes of Johnanthan Thruston and Hazem El Masri pop them over the black dot from the sideline like their blind folder. With ex wallabies coaching staff teaching current wallabies how to kicking it makes you wonder what they do at training. I previously went to a Brumbies Tahs game where all the points where scored by the boot. I sat there wondering is this what I really wanted from my purchased ticket so I went and brought another overpriced beer and drowned my sorrows.

So what is there for the future if rugby, you ask hopefully an international body that sells a general, fair and most important fewer rule book and less authoritial blowing their whistles, a change in the point system, less ping pong kicking and a running rugby as a player once said to me you can’t win the game if you kick the ball away!!!

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